Moore Moss Rutter                - III (2018)

Tom Moore                            - this stasis is buried EP (2018)

Tom Moore & Archie Moss    - Laguna (2017)

False Lights                            - Harmonograph (2017)

Moore Moss Rutter                - II (2015)

Tom Moore                            - Purcell: Selected Reinterpretations (2016)

Oss                                         - EP (2014)

False Lights                            - Salvor (2014)

False Lights                            - EP (2012)

Moore Moss Rutter                - Moore Moss Rutter (2011)

Recent Recording Credits (Violin and/or Viola)

Black Hours                                  - EP (2018)

Kitty Macfarlane                           - (2018 Album)

Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith - (2018 Album)

Maz O’Connor                             - Undercover EP (2018)

Blair Dunlop                                 - Notes From an Island (2018 Album)

Mammal Hands                            - Shadow Work (2017 Album)

Colouring                                     - Heathen (2017)

Maz O’Connor                              - Wasteland (2017), The River (2017)

Blair Dunlop                                 - 356 (2016 Radio Edit)

Jim Moray                                    - Upcetera (2016 Album)

Nick Hart                                      - Eight English Folk Songs (2016)

CJ Reardon                                   - (2016 Album)

Grace Reglinkski                           - (2016 Album)

The Young’uns                              - Another Man’s Ground (2015)

Sian Miriam                                   - (2015 Album)


The Hunter

(Bad Company, Released 2017)

God Save the King

(George Moore Films, Released 2017)

Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (Ragged Films, Released 2018)

Notes on Blindness

(Peter Middleton & James Spinney, 2016)

I worked with the composer in the studio on some of the violin and viola parts for this beautiful film. The short film version won an Emmy in 2013 and the feature will premier at Sundance Festival this year.

What We Did On Our Holiday

(BBC, 2014) -

Together with Sam Sweeney, I was drafted in to record and improvise the fiddle parts for this 2014 BBC film, featuring David Tennant and Billy Connolly. Score composed by Alex Heffes.


(Philip Speakman & George Moore, 2015) -

Some of my compositions and arrangements were used in the soundtrack to Behemoth, written and devised by Philip Speakman, and directed by my brother, George Moore. I also worked as sound recordist on set.

Independent Label, and Audio Production - Specialising in strings, acoustic instruments, vocals, voiceover & location. Real Strings and full arrangement services on request.

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